Articles About Faith

One of the best-known skeptics in the Bible is Thomas, one of Jesus’ twelve apostles. He is perhaps better known as Doubting Thomas, a nickname he earned after doubting Jesus’ resurrection. Initially, it might be easy to dislike Thomas; however, it is only fair to learn more about him before forming an opinion.
Since the coronavirus pandemic, mental health issues, suicide, and substance abuse have increased. We live in uncertain times, and God has given us Scripture to help us through them. One of many examples is Psalm 142.
I enjoy reading success stories about people who have overcome failure or adversity. But also inspiring are the unlikely people in the Bible that God has used to advance His kingdom. An excellent example is Peter, a man with a brash personality, who God transformed into one of early Christianity’s most significant leaders.
One of the greatest gifts God has given us is the truth that He loves us. I heard a great message about that last leaf on a tree. In the fall, the leaves can seem to all fall at once. But if you notice, there will be one holding on for dear life.
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