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James A Brashear has been found not guilty of First Degree Murder today, August 25th at 3:25 pm CST, as reported by Eric Carroll of Dad Talk Today. Brashear was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter and will probably spend the remainder of his life in prison. The not-guilty verdict on the first-degree murder charge came as a shock to most in attendance with the exception of the Murderer James Brashear who winked into the camera of Journalist Eric Carroll during the trial.
Happy Father’s Day to all the men that would lift the roof to protect their children. In order to protect their children, they must be allowed to participate in their child's lives fully.
This isn’t my first time speaking out about slowly ongoing Tort Claims against OKDHS, the City of Stillwater including PD, and it most definitely won’t be my last. If you know anything about the case or know the petitioner, Darrell Dougherty, even just a lil bit, you know that he would never do anything malicious in regards to this town, and would not file claims of negligence or wrongdoings on part of OKDHS, this town or any police department unless he absolutely had to.
This story originally had expediency to print, however, we realized there is no rush. Unfortunately, and inevitably, there will be another day when the nation’s attention is again focused on gun violence and then swiftly dropped. In the United States, there have been 214 mass shootings as defined by Gun Violence Archive (one in which at least 4 people were shot) within the first 145 days of 2022. 
Press Release:The U.S. Department Of Education notified the public through a press release news about further securing the civil rights of students with disabilities. Further information regarding the complaint process, to the Civil Rights Division, will be posted on The Oklahoma Post.
The U.S. State Department today held a briefing in regards to Russian war crimes during their invasion of Ukraine. Preliminary findings today led the State Department to believe there are reasons to believe Putin committed War crimes and Ned Price assured the public there are mechanisms in place to ensure accountability.
The Oklahoma State Regents For Higher Education announced today that the media mogul from Lawton Mr. HIlliary would be serving a nine-year term as a Board Member of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. Governor Stitt appointed Mr. Hilliary a month back and was confirmed by the Senate Education Committee in session. His term will expire in 2031. Hillary is Co-CEO of Hillary Communications. There has been some controversy regarding his appointment by outgoing Governor Stitt.
Incumbent Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, Senatorial Candidates Alex Gray and Jackson Lahmeyer, along with Oklahoma Congressional District 2 Candidate John Bennett have all declared political warfare against Oklahoma’s 39 tribes. Meanwhile, the tribes are doing their utmost to provoke a confrontation in an election year.