Who am I? Let’s Go Smoke About It And I Will Tell You

Owasso, Ok September, 28 (The Oklahoma Post)-

Welcome to the informative side of cannabis!  My name is Todd Nelson and I enjoy researching and understanding the science of cannabis. I invite everyone reading, and your friends—maybe even 3 people that aren’t, to join me as I discuss my research on cannabis and how it effects the human body (positive and negative), as well as how it interacts with our various systems. I will also give brief overviews of the body’s physiological processes, and I will provide resources in which to enrich your own understanding of such.

            This seems an appropriate place to supply a reason for the trust of my research, and reporting of findings; however, “I do reserve the right to be wrong” (Coach Joe Kenn C.S.C.S.-Big House Power) in my opinions/conjectures. I also challenge you to examine the provided documentation of resources, and supply any rebuttals, questions, and your outlook on the matter. I welcome you to email me at (todd.okpost.cannabis@gmail.com). I will mention, what may be considered a conflict of interest, I do own Medical Marijuana businesses in Oklahoma; however, I will only be providing reader(s) with the power to better care for themselves. None of my research will be specific to any product(s), but it will only pertain to the cannabinoid(s)/terpene(s) present in cannabis. Since cannabis is not legal in every state, but the reader(s) may be, this information only applies to whatever form(s) is legally available in your region. I also state that I do not encourage the use, whether proper or improper, legal or illegal, of any cannabis product. If the decision to use a cannabis/cannabinoid containing product(s) has been made, I encourage the user to seek a Licensed Medical Doctor’s guidance prior to any cannabis/cannabinoid containing product usage, whatsoever. DON’T STOP READING YET!!!

Oklahoma Power Plant Processing is a non-solvent based, concentration company located in Osage County. They produce some of the highest quality Moroccan Hashish in Oklahoma. The intense effort, education, and emphasis put into each hand-crafted product is second to none, and they continue to value the patient’s well-being as their top priority. “We’re not here to get you high, but we’d love to help you heal!”-Joseph Nelson (Owner)


I have a Bachelor of Science from the University of Oklahoma (Athletic Performance Development). I am also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. I have coached athletes in high school, and at every level of the NCAA; most recently I was the Director of Strength and Conditioning and the Defensive Line Football Coach at Alvernia University, in Reading, PA. I am currently working on two Master of Science Degrees: A Master of Science (Kinesiology), from the University of Southern Mississippi, and a Master of Science (Health and Wellness Management) at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO). I am also completing a Master of Education (Adult Education-Lifelong and E-Learning) form UCO. Hopefully I have established reliability of knowing how to obtain credible sources of information, and that I have adequate experience applying much of the discussed material. 

            I am performing parallel research to everything examined throughout my Exercise Physiology coursework, but with the added incorporation of cannabis. I have already looked at cannabinoid effects on respiration, blood flow/Heart Rate, and blood-lactate concentration/accumulation at rest and/or during performance. My reports on these various topics will be soon to follow in upcoming articles. I will provide a list of resources at the end of each piece for further examination and complete transparency. I have provided handles to any associated social media accounts: 

  • Instagram—@oklahomapowerplantprocessing, @toddokppp, @1stephokpp
  • Facebook—@hashtodd, @oklahomapowerplantprocessingllc

I look forward to sharing this experience with all of you here on The Oklahoma Post, and I know each of you will end each piece with a more confident understanding of your body and how it may interact with cannabis/cannabinoid(s).

(Writing by Todd Nelson; Editing by Robbie Robertson)

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