Calling All Chili Experts To The Okfuskee County Cattlemans Association Annual Chili Cook-Off

Okemah, Ok November, 03 (The Oklahoma Post)-

The Okfuskee County Cattleman’s Association (OCCA) is holding its annual chili cook-off and you are invited! OCCA is labeled as an “active” association because of the scholarships, contests, and positive involvement with Oklahoma youth programs like 4H, FFA and our local schools.

The local Okfuskee chapter raises money for local scholarship funds! In a recent association press release by Buck Rich, president of the Okfuskee County chapter of the OK Cattlemans Association say’s, “OCCA would like to thank everyone who attended or donated to help the chapter pursue its goal in educating and involving youth in the cattle industry.” The donations go a long way in helping Oklahoma kids learn core values and trade skills.

In less than two weeks OCCA is bringing beef lovers from across the state together again by hosting their quarterly meeting and a community event by way of a Chili Cook Off!

Do you want to advertise your business at the Okfuskee County Cattleman’s Association Chili Cook-Off? Think about donating a door prize on the night of November 12. Please contact Tom at 940-393-9815.

Please join them, Saturday, November 12, 2022 from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Okfuskee County Fairgrounds for a night of fun and friends.

Chili competitors might want to take note of the following advice, the OCCA is not the Oklahoma Honkytonk Bar Association so keep it clean, and finally, try to make something different, something that stands out, tastes unique and makes people remember your dish. I put ten whole roasted hatch chilis in my last batch, and everyone remembered me for a month.

We would like to remind readers that Oklahoma Chili has two things “required”…..meat and chilis. We plan to follow up with the winners of the event and we all hope together that the winner has chilis and Oklahoma Beef in the recipe.

No membership is required to attend. No registration requirements to attempt to dethrone J.W. Teel from the 2021 Chili Cook-Off Crown. Just come enjoy some great food and even better friends. Contact Tom at 940-393-9815 for more details.

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(Writing by Robbie Robertson; Editing by Robbie Robertson)

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