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Green Country, Ok April, 12 (The Oklahoma Post) –

Good morning, afternoon, or evening! I wonder if your day was as stressful as mine can sometimes get?

I’m a Sunday school teacher, the Technology Director at my public school, and throw in being an assistant coach for one season and head coach of another for the local team. I truly love each of those duties I have. When I’m not handling those tasks I am also a husband and dad to two girls! Sometimes I ask myself If I’m doing things I love why would I get so stressed?

Recently, we were game one deep into a double-header. Our team couldn’t hit the ball and were not making the routine plays. I was ready for it to end already! Our catcher was on deck when the last out was recorded. This plate appearance would have been her first plate appearance of the season. She is an eleventh grader who had not played organized ball since the third grade. I watched her, look around the dugout at her coaches and teammates, and starts to speak. I was sure, at the time, she was going to say she was glad she didn’t have to bat. Then, I would encourage her to be confident and learn from each at-bat. That’s what usually happens in this situation.

As she took her catchers gear and quickly placed each item in its place she said, ”Do you remember when you were in vacation Bible school as a little kid and they taught us to put on the full armor of God? Well, I’m putting on my full armor.” She wasn’t afraid but was ready for the next task. She wasn’t hiding from anything and she was getting prepared.

Immediately, my disappointment and anger turned to shame. How often do we miss the big picture? Why can’t we just enjoy the things we love and not overreact to such things? Why wasn’t I ready for my next challenge? Where was my joy in my task?

Over the next several weeks, we will dig into the very thing this little lady said that quickly changed my attitude. Just what is the full armor of God? What does it look like to utilize it? Every week we will dive into one part of it and I can’t wait to get started! I pray you have a great week and I hope you”ll look forward to looking into the belt of Truth.

(Writing by Jeremy Shelley; Editing by Robbie Robertson)

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