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Colcord, Ok July, 21 (The Oklahoma Post) –

It has been exactly two months since I last wrote. I just could not find my peace to write. No, not a piece to write, but actual peace. We live in a world that seems anything but peaceful today. Sometimes I feel like we will never see a peaceful time in our nation again. How can we go through our day with comfort, hope, and peacefulness?

Their feet had brought them to this time and this place.

Last week, Countryside Bible Church of Colcord, Oklahoma, took our growing youth group to Falls Creek in Davis, Ok. In our group we had 23 youth and 10 adults. It truly was an adventure and almost seemed like a mission trip. None of us had any idea what the coming week would have in store; while simultaneously cutting off the world that kept spinning while we were away.

The week was filled with hours of worship. It also had times of quiet. The thirty minutes allotted per day of scheduled quiet time meant no talking allowed; only meditation and study during that time period can take place. Because cell phones are not allowed, making it through the scheduled time, while following the intent of the quiet time, was remarkably easy. I marveled at how well the students accepted this change in habit, unbelievable ask of them. How can this be so easily accepted? The addiction to social media has created a culture lacking necessary in-person interaction and compassion. It was great to have one week dedicated to God’s purpose and not my own selfishness.

What is The Gospel?

Let us focus on part of The Gospel; It is not impossible for me to allow God to forgive me. For some strange reason, I personally can let Him forgive me. I want to be forgiven. Don’t we all? The covenant God made with us won’t be broken by Him. However, it is this action of forgiving ourselves, at times, that may seem impossible to some people. I also understand that my path was the one that brought me to this place. My walk, although some of it is regretful, still had a purpose. There have been times I have been able to speak to some of our youth; during a time of sadness for example. During those times I encouraged them to look at disappointments not as failures but as lessons and even successes. There are times in our lives that God prepares us for the path and there are times He prepares the path for you.

It’s the walk. It’s the race you run. The winner of any race has trained for that exact moment. They trained to finish, but also to win. The same applies to our race in life. God never intended the lives of His people to be as frantic, fearful, or filled with failure like they are. He wants us to win. The armor we have been talking about are the tools we need to be able to win this race. Go without some or any of your armor and failure is imminent. So put those shoes on, get out there and run!

What do your shoes look like?

-Jesus is our righteousness and our hearts are deceitful above all things.

To know we are just not good enough is a tough pill to swallow. However, being enlightened of that fact is the start of becoming a new being in Christ. Our belief in Jesus, allows us to forgive others when it should be impossible. The Holy Ghost tells us we are forgiven and somehow, we understand it. We should also understand that because we were unworthy of forgiveness that others need our forgiveness. How many of you want to love better? What about wanting to be more compassionate?

John 15:13 of The Bible says “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” For me it’s not just a physical death He speaks about. The death could also be a spiritual one. Jesus often spoke about serving others. I used to view being a servant as a bad thing. On the contrary, when done as God intended it to be done, it is quite fulfilling. God has burdened me with a job of being an encourager. My spiritual shoes are often dirty and stained. I slip and fall quite often. However, every morning Jesus reminds me that I am forgiven and He places a new pair of shoes on me every day. I pray that at some point in my life I will be able to end just one day with a clean pair of shoes. My prayer for you, is that you wake up tomorrow and find the path and purpose that God has intended for you to be on, and that it takes you right where you need to be. Be encouraged. The war was won and you can live as though you have won also. We just need to put the right pair of shoes on.

This is a song we sang at Falls Creek and this past Sunday my daughter sang it in our church. Close your eyes and imagine and feel the presence of forgiveness in your life.

(Writing by Jeremy Shelley; Editing by Robbie Robertson)

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