There Is Power In Your Words

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Colcord, Ok April 23 (The Oklahoma Post) –

More than just a word

Good morning! I know you have heard the words “It’s just” a few times and I have often said the same thing. Over the years, I have heard “it’s just practice” or “it’s just slow pitch!” “Don’t know what coach is so upset about.” Doesn’t matter if it’s in your marriage or in softball or in checkers. I want to win. But to settle for “It’s just” in anything, will leave you feeling empty and wondering what could have been.

Change the direction

Remember the first little bite of that apple? I bet they told themselves “it’s just one bite. What’s it going to hurt?” Well, it kicked us off on a less than exciting removal from the Garden Of Eden, for one. I encourage you to make this day far more than “it’s just”. Make it your day! And make it your day by giving it your very best. Good luck.

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(Writing by Jeremy Shelley; editing by Robbie Robertson)

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