Participating In College Application Week Is A Win-Win For Students And Oklahoma Colleges

OKC, OK September, 25 ( The Oklahoma Post)

The Oklahoma State Regents For Higher Education announced their plans for the 2023 Oklahoma College Applications Week. A great program that assists Seniors from across the state in preparing college applications. Take advantage of this great service. See the entirety of the release below.


High school seniors across the state can get help from knowledgeable volunteers to submit college admission applications during Oklahoma College Application Week, Sept. 25th through Sept. 29th. 

Oklahoma’s College App Week is affiliated with the National College Application Campaign, through which college access organizations across America host college application events in all 50 states. 

The primary goal of College App Week is to encourage more high school seniors, especially those who haven’t considered attending college and those from first-generation college-going families, to apply and establish relationships with colleges and universities that will hopefully lead to enrollment. During College App Week, schools select a convenient time for seniors to sit down in front of a computer and apply to the college(s) of their choice. Volunteers from the community, local businesses, colleges and universities, and other supportive organizations are available to assist students with any questions during the process. 

“College App Week in Oklahoma began in 2012 with 24 school districts,” said Chancellor Allison D. Garrett. “Last year, 117 high schools, colleges and universities, libraries, career technology centers, and tribal organizations across the state hosted College App Week events, providing hands-on support for high school seniors as they completed college applications, prepared for the next steps in the enrollment process, and applied for financial aid.” 

Prior to College App Week, high school seniors and their families receive materials that help them research college options and prepare for application questions. In support of local events, schools often encourage students in all grade levels to think about education after high school through special events and activities. For more information about College App Week, visit or call 800.858.1840.


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(Press Release Oklahoma State Regents For Higher Education; Editing by Robbie Robertson)

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