Bristow’s First Christmas On Main Was A Success Worth Repeating

Bristow, OK December, 07 (The Oklahoma Post)

Bristow’s Christmas on Main on Thursday evening, December 1st, 2022, was a huge success. Retailers, local families, and visitors from across the state gathered for an evening of fun for the whole family.

The Bristow Retail Merchants Association states “When the City approached us to organize some activities around the Christmas parade, we knew that the Bristow, OK Artisans and Gardeners Market would be a great partner to bring vendors with handmade products to the event. We wanted to embrace the uniqueness of a hometown Christmas.” With our focus on the community parade, local merchants, shops, restaurants, and handmade items from hometown vendors, we wanted to provide something that can’t be found anywhere else. The support from the community was unmatched; Bristow came together to support our friends, families, and local economy. A group of Artisans boasted “This was our best market yet! We hope this market will bring people to our Saturday morning markets in the spring. We saw many familiar faces and many more new customers!”

Our Bristow City Clerk, Sabrina Mounce, said “I sure want this to be an awesome event, so that we can do it every year and get it to grow.”

Our “Sounds of Christmas” parade, organized by Dr. Cantrell, Dorothy Livingston and staff, had over 30 floats and entries from local groups. Ms. Livingston said “Dr. Cantrell is really involved in the community. We don’t do this for money, recognition, or advertising but, we do this to provide a chance for everyone to be in the Christmas parade. We do this to support our community.” Without an entry fee or even prize money, this community parade is truly about bragging rights and having fun. This year’s Best Overall Float goes to Edison Elementary, Best in Theme goes to Bristow Middle School, and Best in Lights goes to Bristow 4-H Club!

The key to this event’s success was, as Kristin Weaver from the Bristow Retail Merchants Association states, “To have several organizations and groups working together to make this happen for our community was a blessing. Working together honors the Christmas season.” This working togetherness is what our community is about. We see this over and over again through Bristow, from benefit dinners, shopping local, donating school supplies, parking trucks for kids to touch, being a hero for children in need through Social Services, fluffing hundreds of Christmas trees and garland, stinging up lights, free chili, decorating the historical trolley, planting wildflower seeds, trimming trees, and so much more our community is exactly that, honoring the Christmas season year-round.

From our event partners, Artisans and Gardeners Market, the Bristow Retail Merchants Association, the City of Bristow, Dr. Cantrell’s Office, we want to thank you, Bristow, for making this first Christmas on Main the largest parade and parade crowd of shoppers in many years. We truly have the most festive and generous community!

Thank you to everyone who came and shared your Christmas spirit!

Merry Christmas, Bristow!

Photography by: Andy Horton
Parade Float Winners

(Writing by Jamie Braden; Editing by Robbie Robertson)

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