Oklahoma Attorney General Releases Guidance On Open Meetings Act

OKC, Ok May, 22 ( The Oklahoma Post) –

General Counsel to the Oklahoma Attorney General provided recent guidance from the OAG regarding the Oklahoma Open Meetings Act.

The Oklahoma Open Meeting Act (25 O.S. Sections 301–314) of 1977 was codified and signed into law by Governor Boren. The state law that requires all meetings of public bodies (state and local boards and commissions) must be open to the public and that the public must be given advance public notice of such meetings among other punishable laws. Together with the Oklahoma Open Records Act, the Act serves to encourage the public to participate in and understand the governmental processes and governmental problems throughout the State.

Electronic and Telephonic Communications
25 O.S. § 306 Prohibits deciding or taking action (voting) on any matter by phone or e-mail. Also prohibits deciding or taking action on any matter at an “informal gathering” CAUTION! Discussion in a group e-mail can create a virtual meeting subject to the OMA.

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