Stillwater Oklahoma Board Of Education Meeting Announced For Thursday

Stillwater, Ok May, 18 (The Oklahoma Post) –

The Stillwater Board of Education announced a special meeting for Thursday, May 19, 2022, at 12:00 p.m. The meeting will be located at the Stillwater Public Schools administration building. The information regarding the special meeting can be found in the documents below.

We will continue to follow the Stillwater Board of Education as changes are made to improve the parent’s trust in the administration. A change of the old whisper guard is desperately needed in the Peyton Place town. Persons such as Gay Washington and Tim Riley are an embarrassment to the once fine City of Stillwater for reasons we will continue to point out in the days ahead; as we go through each line of a recent award she received and provide direct contrasting real stories showing otherwise. What a shame it should be for voters to be forced to again support school leaders who:

  • under this leadership had a child commit suicide by gun in the Junior High social area
  • has recently had a child molester sending texts to students
  • have openly used a corrupt police department to hush local leaders addressing the board
  • refuse to provide lawful information to parents regardless of their consequences
  • continually ignore students’ mental health regardless of family needs
  • openly mock parents while students are in earshot
  • last and least, the lunch lady was “embezzling” (supposedly).

They haven’t learned.

Here are your rights as parents in Oklahoma that are codified; you actually have far more rights than what are listed in the documents below.

Most persons in Payne County are preparing to vote in June as Oklahoma House Seat 33 is currently up for grabs in the musty town. The seat is currently held by John Talley whose reputation precedes him as the benefactor of consistent public funds to work with troubled youth, to which he doesn’t actually add value in his “efforts”. Don’t bother asking the highschool aged girls of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, or any groups he’s snuggled with to embolden his political career about exactly what he or any of the school LEADERSHIP are doing for the PARENTS, because you won’t get a straight answer.

Below you can see where his opponent, Oklahoma House candidate Brice Chaffin was removed from the meeting after previously complaining and recognizing the obvious issues surrounding the Stillwater, Oklahoma schools.

When you harm a few parents behind closed doors, especially the most vulnerable parents, then you are capable of intruding on the rights of all the parents. We are thankful to see Mr. Chaffin using his voice for Payne County parents as many parents have received a deaf or condescending ear from Preacher Talley unless you contribute.

The Oklahoma Post finds it pretty low to use children as political weapons as the City of Stillwater and the Stillwater School Board appears to be doing in their failures to execute policies effectively.

If you’ve been targeted please read about more of your rights below. Please contact us HERE to share your story.

A parent may contact the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR) which is responsible for enforcing federal laws which prohibit educational institutions from discriminating based on race, color, national origin, disability, sex, and age.

You may make a complaint under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which provides certain rights for parents regarding their children’s education records.

We encourage Stillwater, Oklahoma readers who have been targeted by the school district to also fill out and submit their complaints. Most of these families providing information have had different conflicts at some time with the city. The retaliation can include actions such as keeping school reports, social worker reports, religious preferences, report cards, denial of meal plan, etc.

The Oklahoma Post has provided the forms below for your convenience.

OCR requires complaints to be filed in writing. You can email, mail, or fax the complaint form or you can submit an electronic complaint form.

You can fill the forms out on a desktop or print them out and fill them out by hand. After you complete the form, you will need to send the form via email, mail, fax, or email to

For more information about FERPA and to file a FERPA complaint, please visit

For more information about FERPA Click Here

Additional information about the laws OCR enforces is available on the government website at

The electronic complaint form is available at

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