Trial Coverage Day Four: James A Brashear Found Guilty Of Voluntary Manslaughter In The Murder Of John Mast

I Stand With John Mast And So Should All Parents

Lewiston, ID August 25, 2023 (The Oklahoma Post) –

James A Brashear has been found not guilty of First Degree Murder in 2nd District Court in Lewiston Idaho, today around 3:00 pm CST, as reported by Eric Carroll of Dad Talk Today. Brashear was found guilty of a lesser voluntary manslaughter charge and will probably spend the remainder of his life in prison. The not-guilty verdict on the first-degree murder charge came as a shock to most in attendance with the exception of the murderer James A Brashear who managed to wink into the camera of Journalist Eric Carroll during the trial. The prosecution and judge failed to shut down the closing arguments of the Defense, in which counsel continued to suggest to the jury falsehoods and referred to fabricated evidence that had just been ruled by the judge to disallow. At this point, a mistrial could have been called had an objection by the prosecution been made. The case is of importance to gun safety advocates, family court reform advocates, and parental alienation victims around the world.

Mr. Carroll provided live feed coverage of the entirety of the trial for millions of parents across the country. Donations may be sent via Cash App and Venmo to his company @DADTALKTODAY and John Mast Foundation.

Day four of the trial, including the reading of the verdict is in the video below.

Video Courtesy Of Dad Talk Today

To update anyone who has not followed this case; the criminal case against James Brashear involves the murder of a father of two children, John Mast, as planned and intended with malice, by an ex father-in-law and John’s ex-wife Rebecca.

On February 5, 2021, James Brashear, 67, shot and killed his son-in-law after a state judge had ordered Mr. Brashear’s daughter to turn the children over to their amazing father John Mast. Mr. Brashear traveled alone after eating with his daughter; without his daughter and without his grandchildren, to a planned child exchange location in order to kill his ex son-in-law in broad daylight. He walked to a vehicle, said “Hey John”, to get his attention, then fired several rounds, killing the innocent John Mast.

Mr. John Mast, a 40-year-old North Dakota man, was expecting to pick up his children in the parking lot of the Lewiston Idaho “Rosauers” grocery store on a Friday evening but was violently murdered by his former father-in-law. According to witnesses, John was overjoyed for this day. John had driven to Idaho from North Dakota, to finally get to see his children again. Tragically, John A. Mast died a short time later at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center from multiple gunshot wounds fired from the gun of James Brashear. There are rumors abound, that James Brashear had gone around various businesses stating he was going to shoot and kill Mr. Mast. The citizens did not step up and contact the local police, prior or during the investigation.

The photos of the official documents below show that the court and government’s stance was supportive of Mr. Mast receiving his children as ordered.

The predator and co-conspirator, Rebecca Brashear-Mast, is the mother and is expected to also face justice for her crimes. There had been false allegations orchestrated by someone in family court; a scheme for child withholding from the father and the Mast family as a whole. Becky had her frivolous motions for protection denied by a court, so she worked with her father to kill John out of spite of the courts’ orders to share the children.

The victim’s family had not been able to have consistent relations with the children due to the mother Rebecca Brashear, the grandfather James Brashear, and the State Family Court acting as a barrier and withholding thus alienating John Mast from his children.

There was no remorse for the actions, stated or shown during the trial, by the Brashear family. Be ready to fight at all custodial exchanges: that was the message sent to the general public today.

Parental alienation describes a process in which a child becomes estranged from their parents due to the psychological manipulation of the other parent, grandparent, or government agency. It’s a part of their arsenal of hate and revenge perhaps, to achieve their ends. No federal or state laws regulating parental alienation exist in the United States, but the practice is child abuse. #ISTANDWITHJOHN

The public trial footage from Idaho, on this site, is provided via live video feed; courtesy of Dad Talk Today. Dad Talk Today was started in 2019 by founder Eric Carroll to promote the challenges men and fathers are facing. Family court is a multi-billion dollar industry that profits off the destruction of families. In three short years, Dad Talk has grown a following of over 600,000 people who are affected by this broken legal system. Dad Talk Today aims to encourage and educate parents as to what is going on and how to prevent parental alienation and court-sponsored separation from happening to other parents.

When watching the trial, please keep the Mast family in your prayers and take action! Consider a donation to the John Mast Foundation. The John Mast Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization, established to help parents alienated from their children due to divorce, separation, and/or wrongful allegations. The John Mast Foundation is a volunteer organization that currently has no paid staff. All money donated is used to identify legal and educational resources to help affected parents and children. You will receive a receipt for your records that verifies your donation.

Learn more on why you should help alienated parents.

(Writing by Robbie Robertson; Editing by Robbie Robertson)

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