Upcoming April Court Appearance Important for Former Sooner

Stillwater Ok, March, 28 (The Oklahoma Post) –

An upcoming family court appearance for former Sooner standout, and Pioneer All-Stater, in Stillwater, Oklahoma will have lasting effects on parents across the State of Oklahoma. On April 7th, 2022 at 9:00 am at the Payne County Courthouse, Gregory Moyer will request for his parental rights, and contact with his children, to be reinstated.

In a statement provided to The Oklahoma Post’s Editor Robbie Robertson, Mr. Moyer stated, “the Courts need to change quickly to protect the family unit. It is apparent that money and who you know is the Oklahoma standard in its legal system to determine if you can have access to your children post-divorce. I don’t trust the Payne County courts, with good cause. If they can take my children, on a simple smear of any parent by a known vindictive ex-spouse by getting a judge to order “needing mental health treatment”, they can easily take yours too and simply have access to your children removed. Over time, that damages children and the parent-child bond. It is a shame that vindictive and unethical behavior is allowed to run unchecked in the Oklahoma Court system. My children and I were bonded and there was never a reasonable action for a biased judge, who had not even verified facts or allowed facts to be presented, to remove a parental bond.”

Coach Stoops speaking with Moyer (R) and other alumni regarding progress of the 2008 Sooner football program.

Mr. Moyer went on to state that the State of Oklahoma “makes a practice of targeting persons in need of mental health support, that often their own state agencies create and foster”, citing his family’s longtime battle to get real mental health therapy for his firstborn son’s mental health condition, diagnosed with Schizophrenia, and then being ordered repeatedly back into an abusive environment by a Georgia judge. “….while I am working with my son, trying to get him his GED, a license, to act right, get him proper treatment, trying to help get him healthy; I am at the same time fighting another battle in Oklahoma in which they abuse the term and use of courts and their place of mental health guidance. It was, and is, a real slap in the face to me as a person and father, especially considering the outcome. It broke all our hearts in the family. My grandma, mom, aunts, cousins. I doubt his sisters in Oklahoma know about what occurred, I know they loved him and he loved his sisters, but he was sick.”

The Oklahoma Post staff reached out to Delacerda and Oliver law firm, which has represented Mr. Moyer’s former wife, and their representatives have declined to comment on pending legal matters.

The legal battle seems mostly one-sided and unnecessarily slanderous. This type of case is seen as a prime example of the need for a change in family courts across the country and to remove judicial immunity for judges’ intentional, harmful decisions. According to court records filed in the Federal Western District of Oklahoma, Mr. Moyer was never afforded proper legal representation for the custody portion of a prior court hearing regarding child support payments.

For this case, the archaic nature of our Oklahoma government, local good ole boy workarounds of standing State and Federal law, and blatant failure of the Oklahoma Family Courts, Oklahoma DHS, and the Oklahoma Bar Association are on full display. In 2022, let’s all pray and move for changes for our families and family courts in Oklahoma.

A 24/7 crisis hotline can be the first line of defense in preventing these tragedies and an essential part of any continuum of care for mental health crises.

If you or anyone is suffering from crisis due to anxiety, depression, sadness, or any issues you are feeling, please visit PsychCentral for a list of confidential numbers or call:

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Lifeline) is accessible 24/7 nationwide by dialing

800-273-TALK (8255).

If you are a parent, mom or dad, gay or straight, black or white, who has been targeted by Family Courts and are in crisis or in need of someone to speak with about what you are feeling, please call:

The Fathers Rights Movement Crisis Hotline

(Writing by Robbie Robertson; Editing by Robbie Robertson)

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