Wes Sims On Success and Football

Weatherford Ok, March, 31 (The Oklahoma Post)

Wes Sims all 6 foot 6 inches and 300 plus pounds is really a big ol teddy bear. After speaking with Wes at length I learned a few things that make that statement even more true. When I asked Wes what his definition of success was and he answered by basically saying if the others around him are comfortable, bellies are full, bills are paid, he feels as if he is successful. It is safe to say he lives by the mantra of “happy wife happy life.”

We delved off into the current state of the Oklahoma Sooner football team. With the coach bolting for Southern California, Sooner Nation was left in shock. It really was a blessing in disguise as Oklahoma was able to bring Coach Brent Venables back from Clemson. I can speak for the fanbase when I say we are extremely excited for the future of Sooner football. Coach V brings that fire and passion that is needed to excel at any level of coaching. Wes had the luxury of playing under Venables and the way he explains the level of accountability coupled with his own expectations, would make anybody want to run through a wall for him.

The physicality is where people will see the biggest difference between last year’s squad and this upcoming squad. Wes said it best when he said “You can do a Billy Blanks workout all day and still won’t matter.” Sims was speaking of the strength and conditioning coach at OU before the new regime took over. Coach Bennie Wylie I am sure is a great guy but his training style does not equate to a dominant physical football team. Coach Schmidty is a different breed who knows nothing but winning. He is responsible for 7 Heisman Trophy winners and has won a national title at every stop aside from OSU, however, he did help B. Sanders win a Heisman Trophy that year.

The University of Oklahoma will be just fine, Caleb Williams and Lincoln Riley do not make OU, the O and the U make OU OU!

(Writing by Robert Jager; Editing by Robbie Robertson)

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