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Letter To Editor: Now We Know The Reason Behind Stitt’s Appointment For State Regents Board

Tulsa, Ok April, 18 (The Oklahoma Post) –

On the front page of the Saturday Tulsa World was a story about Gov. Kevin Stitt’s latest nominee to the state’s Board of Regents, who doesn’t have a college degree (“Stitt names replacement for Helm,” April 2).

I asked myself, “Why would the governor nominate someone to the Board of Regents, which oversees the state higher education system, who has no college degree?”

Then on Page 5, I found the answer: It turns out his nominee owns a communications company that “publishes two newspapers, the Comanche County Chronicle in Elgin and the Lawton-based Southwest Ledger, which lists the nominee as co-publisher.”

How convenient to have the publisher of two southwest Oklahoma newspapers in your pocket in a close election year. Qualifications don’t matter. All that matters is that you can control the message going out to voters.

What’s good for Stitt is good enough for Oklahoma. It seems like we’ve heard this message before on a higher level. Keep this in mind, voters, as you vote in November: Your best interests come second.

(Writing by Karen Gaddis; Letter To The Editor)

(Editor’s Note ): On April 1st, Oklahoma Governor Stitt nominated Dustin Hilliary, managing partner of Lawton’s Hilliary Communications and other publications, to replace Mr. Jay Helm. Following a conversation with the Oklahoma State Regents For Higher Education, Mr. Hilliary was nominated but has yet to be officially appointed. Regent Helm’s nine-year term as a State Regent ends May 16, or when his successor is appointed and confirmed by the Oklahoma State Senate. The Ok Post applauds Mr. Helm’s tenure.

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