Letter To The Editor: Civil Tort Claims In Stillwater

Stillwater, Ok August, 07 (The Oklahoma Post)-

Some people seem disconcerted (unsettled or confused) about some things involved in the recent flood of civil Tort claims. Amidst a lot of inexplicable incidents in these cases, there’s a major discrepancy in a post by Mayor Joyce on Facebook regarding his lack of knowledge about Tort Claims against his city, PD, and OKDHS vs the significant evidence pointing otherwise. Meaning he was either very much aware for over 2 years or he was not being informed by his employees, hard to believe. This document is one of MANY open records of payments made to Law Firms handling case. To be noted: they are already on their 3rd, and a 4th attorney who introduced herself as an independent investigator interviewed the Petitioner & spouse without their attorney present. He also attempts to discredit one of the claimants publicly, which is just one of the legal arguments of the claimants against the City. That claimant has shared publicly his conversations with Joyce from months ago, which indicates Will Joyce fully knows what has been going on in Stillwater under his direction.

After records were requested from the Payne County Clerk of Courts and the City of Stillwater, some of one of the defendant’s records were sealed because she was then identified as a representative of the City & SPD, so her records are sealed due to alleged confidentiality. I’ve inquired the city council twice about how much taxpayer dollars are going to be wasted on these clear-cut (with eyes wide open) violations of civil rights and negligence on multiple levels, failure to protect and serve in the best interest of a child. It’s my understanding that an audio involving the initiation of this claim was “leaked” and his constituents are asking questions, without answers.

I’ve not yet listened to it, but I can only imagine its revelations. The biggest revelation to the community are the outright lies by our local leadership. These aren’t the only shocking recordings of our officers of the courts and leadership that have been shared.

The more information that has been produced is enlightening the public and now other families are coming forward. This particular Tort Claim has been stalled in the discovery phase due to the defendant’s tactics to drain the petitioner financially so he’ll drop the case. But he won’t, he clearly does not believe his family is safe. His 5th and 14th Amendment Rights for Due process need to be honored and they have not been held to standards and codified law. I’m going to keep speaking out and hoping that justice will prevail.

(Writing by Anonymous Oklahoma Professional, MA, Counselor; Letter To The Editor)

*Editors Note: In the past two weeks, The Oklahoma Post has received over 36 verified stories of legal abuse involving coercion, forced adoptions, and fraud-on-court perpetrated by SPD, The Saville Center, a small group of attorneys, and the Payne County Court system. It’s a pattern.

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