Athletes In Business Q&A: Former Sooner Track Stars Helping Us Rise Above The Rest

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The brand rests on foundational directives that include crafting products geared toward ever-optimizing physical and mental performance, building a stronger immune system, and maximizing the quality of life for its products’ consumers.
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Atlanta, Ga April, 22 (The Oklahoma Post) –

Former Sooner football and track stand-out Michael Jackson is helping us rise above the rest with proper exercise and his revolutionary lifestyle represented in JML Levitate Nutrition.

The University of Oklahoma Varsity O Letterman, Jackson was part of a team in the 1999 season that brought OU fans its first undefeated home season (5-0) since 1987 and was the bedrock for the future national championship team of 2000. His track accomplishments were even more impressive, as Jackson came back from a back injury to have an amazing campaign posting a seventh-place finish in the Big 12 Indoor in the 400-meter dash, second-place finishes in the Big 12 and NCAA Indoor as a member of the 1,600-meter relay, was on the second-place finishing 1600-meter relay at the Big 12 Outdoor meet and was on the third-place 400-meter relay at the conference meet. Did we mention the All American honors for the breakneck relays in 1998 and 2000? Yeah, the man is fast and a team-first player.

Being a longtime Oklahoma Sooner and Track and Field fanatic, I had to follow this story from the beginning until now.

Robertson: My first question is the fastball down the middle, Michael catch me up on JML Levitate. How did this lifestyle start?

MJ: The story of JML Levitate Nutrition began with a simple plan of action, born of a shared belief between three Sooner student-athletes – Joey Scott, me, Michael Jackson, and Mr. Laboris Bean. We crossed paths at our Alma Mater, The University of Oklahoma.

Roberston: Boomer!

MJ: Sooner! We came from varied backgrounds and had different life goals at the time. However, our plans to excel could not have been more aligned. Each of our plans featured the same key to success: WORK!

Robertson: If anything, the world will never see a faster group and more gracious group of business partners. I mean all of you were record breakers at the U. of Oklahoma. Being a former top-tier athlete yourself, competing on the international level, has any of that passion and drive brought over into your business operations?

MJ: Division I athletes get to work immediately, every day, and work hard. All the best competitors do. For us, each being uber-competitive individuals, we are driven by a work ethic that demanded we take action and keep working when others would not. That conviction, I think has compelled us individually, a force of nature, a gravity that inevitably moved them toward achievement as scholars, athletes, and career professionals. That gravitational force also pulled us toward each other as eventual teammates in the field of health and wellness.

Robertson: So what are the products?

MJ: Well, first, it’s not just a product but a lifestyle. The team at JML Levitate Nutrition have all competed at a high level and we all understand you need a well-rounded approach and support to become your best. Our supplements allow anyone with the desire to become better versions of themselves to excel at athletic endeavors and in everyday life. The brand rests on foundational directives that include crafting products geared toward ever-optimizing physical and mental performance, building a stronger immune system, and maximizing the quality of life for its products’ consumers. We encourage customers and clients to visit our page and see the selection of products. Robbie, you were wondering about drinks, oh they all taste amazing as well. JML has continued to rise above its competition by leveraging what the scientific partners have learned and continue learning about holistically nourishing people for peak athletic and daily life performance.

Robertson: Let’s mix one of these Goji berry pre energies while we talk. Yum, is this fruit punch? So who is the product…the Lifestyle for in particular Michael? I’m ready to join up.

MJ: Yes, not bad huh? We are constantly adding components to the nutrition system created for anyone who wants to better themselves. From the world-class athlete to the retired grandparent, everyone who takes JML nutrition supplements daily takes a powerful step toward building a mind and body that is always ready for action. Targeted for peak performance down to the cellular level, JML literally and nutritionally equips every part of you to win; on or off-field and at the game of life!

You work hard to live your best life every day, right? Now, imagine reaching higher and higher every single day. It is no dream: JML Levitate Nutrition supplements can fuel your drive.

Robertson: Exactly!

I appreciate you sitting down with me Michael, catching me up on what your team has been producing. Best of luck and for anyone wanting to check out JML Nutrition on your own, just click on the advertisement on this page or the link below. Don’t forget to use the Code: Sooners for 15% off your purchase at JML Levitate Nutrition. See you, the fans, this week at the University of Oklahoma Spring Game in Norman, Oklahoma!

(Writing by Robbie Robertson; Editing by Robbie Robertson)

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