Sooner Fans, Friends, and Family Mourn Top Daug Kenny Evans Transition To Heaven

Norman, Ok June, 14 (The Oklahoma Post) –

He entertained us as THE Top Daug! He was an even better person. He was a beloved father, brother, son, uncle, friend, speaker, marketer, Globetrotter, he was of course the famous OU basketball mascot Top Daug and now an angel who transitions to heaven at the age of 56 on Monday, June 13.

Kenny was living in Phoenix, Az and was a proud father of four. The golf enthusiast and Oklahoma Sooner Alum graduated in 1992. Kenny was self-described as a “Blessed and Highly Favored, Man of God with an amazing family and excited about having my three sons grow up together. My gorgeous daughter lives in Oklahoma and I have 4 beautiful grandchildren between OKC and Seattle”, Kenny recently posted on his Facebook page.

Photo Courtesy of friend Scott Bird

Many remember him for the belly slides, yanking his ears from side to side, and climbing on the top of the rim; those were just some of the fun times he shared while entertaining the world. Kenny Evans became perhaps Oklahoma’s most memorable Top Daug of all time when Oklahoma Basketball was at possibly its greatest time. He was the alternate Top Daug for the 1986-87 season, then took over the next season, the year Oklahoma reached the Final Four and a national championship game appearance.

Kenny was interviewed in a 2020 news article with Chris Plank of KREF Sports Talk Media “Everyone remembers a Top Daug moment, everyone,” Evans stated. “You get inside that costume, and you’re a completely different person. Making people laugh has always been medicine. Laugher has no dialect. You can entertain people all over the world, everyone laughs the same.”

Prayers for your family and to all that you impacted in such a positive way. Your memory will most certainly live on. Boomer!

(Writing by Chad Smith; Editing by Robbie Robertson)

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