Oklahoma State Cowboys Fall Out Of Top Ten In Latest AP Poll

Fort Worth, Tx October, 16 (The Oklahoma Post)-

After a disappointing loss to Texas Christian University, the Oklahoma State Cowboys fall out of the top 10, landing at No. 11 on the latest AP college football poll.

TCU moved into the top 10 following the double-overtime victory. The win is the latest in a string of impressive victories over the Sooners, a resurgent SMU Pony club, the Jayhawks, and now the Pokes. The now No. 8 Horned Frogs had trailed by 14 points to the Cowboys late in the second half before forcing overtime and winning, 43-40.

Oklahoma State lost a great opportunity to win its second road win of the season over a ranked team. All hope isn’t lost in Fort Worth; with a TCU loss and a winning run to finish the season, a playoff ticket is still possible.

AP Top 10

1. Georgia (31) 7-0

2. Ohio State (17) 6-0

3. Tennessee (15) 6-0

4. Michigan 7-0

5. Clemson 7-0

6. Alabama 6-1

7. Ole Miss 7-0

8. TCU 6-0

9. UCLA 6-0

10. Oregon 5-1

(Writing by Robbie Robertson; Editing by Robbie Robertson)

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