Allegations Of Fraud And Corruption Fly Against City Of Stillwater: Leaked Audio Of Mayor Will Joyce And City Manager Norman McNickle Admitting Fraudulent Police Work And Coercion While Investigating Child Abuse Investigations

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Stillwater, Ok July, 23 (The Oklahoma Post) –

The Oklahoma Post has received leaked audio of a recent meeting between Stillwater, Oklahoma officials and a former City Council member who has alleged corruption and child abuse cover-ups by the current and previous city administration. The audio was believed to be recorded by a previously unknown 5th party in attendance; the Oklahoma Post reached out to all known parties and former City Council member Darrel Dougherty. Dougherty verified that it was indeed the voices and conversations of Stillwater Mayor Will Joyce, City Manager Norm McNickle, and former City Attorney John Dorman.

The Mayor, who has recently been ridiculed for his leadership involving misuse of federal funds and botched incentive-based partner programs for US Rare Earth Metals, LLC and Federal COVID loan management has denied that his police officers have acted inappropriately in the past, but mounting evidence proves otherwise.

Increasing reports against district attorneys, law enforcement, and Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) caseworkers involving fraud, deceit, and due process violations are gaining momentum as an increasing number of families are claiming their attempts to receive justice for their families are being ignored. The cases against Payne County and the City of Stillwater are eerily similar to Bill and Lisa Woolley’s complaints in federal court. In fact, State Representative John Talley is closely intimate with the cases as he has been interviewed by Fox New’s Clayton Loney to describe the abuse that has occurred against his own staff member at the hands of DHS and local law enforcement in Wagoner County.

At the beginning of the Dougherty audio, a man alleged to be Norman McNickle, is heard stating that he went to a DA and said they had nothing prosecutable; however, that statement only means that evidence has not been allowed to be entered or police have refused to accept the evidence.

Stillwater Mayor Will Joyce asked, “Darryl when you say help your kid, what does that look like?” Dougherty responded with “The PD [Stillwater Police Department] had a responsibility to look into the forms of abuse I presented. I believe they did him [minor child] a disservice when they refused to talk to me. I would like someone who is not mad at me to accept the evidence.”

The crux of many of the cases that have come to light involve the corruption of several Stillwater attorneys, agency workers, law enforcement and school officials some of whom have since quit their positions or been fired after the evidence of fraud began being presented to persons they originally denied in court documents and to federal investigators.

Several families are claiming corruption, such as Gregory Moyer who states, “an investigator never took any of the emails written to me by my ex-wife stating that the kids had been abused, they intentionally lied in the police reports about who was reporting information, and intentionally kept out information within the report related to her father and brother-in-law, but attempted to create lies against me when I expected them to simply do their jobs and investigate my allegation. Instead, they attempted to defraud me, other parents, and the courts. In the end, the taxpayers of Stillwater and my children, and the other kids pay the ultimate prices for the corruption of the City of Stillwater and Judge Phillip Corley. These effects last generations and the fraud affects cases in federal court and across state lines that rely on Stillwater to have integrity and honor in their legal systems.”

Attorneys Delacerda and Oliver and several other local attorneys have been alleged to be involved in each of the fraudulent cases presented to the Oklahoma Supreme Court and to grand jury representatives. Once considered the top family divorce attorney in the state, Melissa Delacerda’s office has now been closed and all cases handed over to new counsel. Jimmy Oliver was acting as a lead in investigations for the state law board overseeing complaints, but failed to recuse himself from law board complaints that involved his or his law partner’s, DeLacerda’s, cases or clients. In addition, Oliver was caught subverting applications for Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma in which opposing clients without attorneys in child custody cases had been seeking legal aid before having their parental rights coercively terminated and their children forcefully adopted by coercive practices. Oliver was on the Board of Directors for LASO.

Virginia Banks has also been front and center in most of the allegations as being an attorney who intentionally set her public defense clients up for intentional legal failures in cases involving DHS and family child support in Payne County District Court.

Leaked Audio Of Stillwater City Manager

In the over 1 hour audio of Stillwater Mayor Will Joyce, City Manager Norm McNickle, and a then Stillwater City Attorney the trio admitted to several acts of police misconduct and perjured testimony directly related to a pending appellate case at the Oklahoma State Supreme Court, as well as a pending civil tort lawsuit in the Payne County District Court.

At the end of the recording, Mayor Will Joyce is heard stating that no one would believe Mr. Dougherty, just minutes after admitting to the fraud committed by the Stillwater Police Department, once headed by McNickle.

When questioned by Dougherty about the falsified evidence and statements submitted in the report, Norman McNickle can’t explain the statements when pressed with corrective evidence nor why a Stillwater Police Department (SPD) investigator states she can’t have access to DHS investigatory records. The Oklahoma Post has learned that the Saville Center Inc, of Stillwater, Oklahoma works directly with the SPD and Payne County Sheriff’s office, hand in hand, sharing investigatory records with each other through a joint task force. The City of Stillwater is dishing out hundreds of thousands of dollars for legal fees to outside counsel in their quest to cover-up and deny the mounting complaints of negligence, fraud and corruption.

Local media at the Stillwater News Press and Tulsa World have been silent on the matter, asking few questions of local leaders since the initial notice of Dougherty’s tort claim was filed in 2020, with the State Department of Human Services and the City of Stillwater rejecting the claims despite the mounting evidence of racketeering, instead choosing to blackout coverage of the growing number of families making similar claims. Former Stillwater resident and Tulsa World Editor Jason Collington has not covered his longtime friend Joyce’s failures in office nor offered coverage of the details involving McNickle’s fraudulent activities of interfering with child abuse cases. Stillwater Newspress has also been silent on the police and court misconduct; never running a story regarding any of the cases, instead, their publisher and editors have focused on Monarch Butterflies as their Saturday headline story. Not one story has been covered regarding the State Supreme Court petition, nor the Federal claim.

In the pending tort action, Dougherty claims that one Defendant, DHS, negligently and carelessly failed and refused to investigate the charge of child abuse as required by 10A O.S. § 1-2-102, failed to protect the minor child D.E.D. from further abuse, and failed to take action against its employee who made threats to Dougherty when he made the child abuse report to DHS.

It all began in 2014 when Dougherty’s divorce case began. His divorce was finalized in 2016 with Doughtery and his ex-wife sharing joint custody of their minor child. In 2018, Dougherty filed a motion to modify custody, seeking sole custody of his minor child due to child abuse taking place while in the ex-wife’s care. The ex-wife then filed a counter motion to modify custody, also seeking sole custody of the child. The parents had a three-day trial that took place in 2020 (two days) and 2021 (one day). Approximately a month after the trial, the trial court issued an order terminating joint custody and awarding primary custody to the mother.

The problems didn’t end there for Dougherty as the court relied significantly on false evidence and testimony provided by employees of DHS and the City of Stillwater Police Department. The trial court strongly intimated that Dougherty made false welfare reports; however, it has come to light that the Stillwater Police Department and City Manager Norm McNickle actively attempted to prevent evidence from being entered, according to whistleblower reports and allegations in the Dougherty complaint. It is alleged by Dougherty that the testimony given by others has never been allowed to be challenged. Following the trial court’s ruling to give the mother sole custody, Dougherty filed motions for a new trial and asked the court to vacate the order that allowed the child to go back to the abuser. The trial court in Payne County denied both requests without inspecting verified evidence of extreme child abuse.

2021 Oklahoma Supreme Court

Following the trial court’s order denying Dougherty’s motions for a new trial and request to vacate the custody order, Dougherty was forced to take further action. Dougherty has now filed an appeal with the Oklahoma Supreme Court, asking the Supreme Court to grant the motion to vacate/reconsider the order that gave the mother sole custody, the order which was based on the false and inaccurate testimony from employees of DHS and City of Stillwater Police Department and to grant him a new trial.

2021 Tort Suit Against DHS and City of Stillwater – Negligence

In January of 2021, Ward and Glass, a prestigious law firm out of Norman, Oklahoma filed a tort claim on former Stillwater City Council member Doughtery’s behalf.

The tort action is alleging negligence on the part of the City of Stillwater and the Oklahoma Department of Human Services for their failures to investigate charges of child abuse, failure to protect a minor child, and failure to take action against employees who threatened Dougherty and allowing agents and employees to cause further exposure of the minor child to the abusers. The suit is asking for damages in excess of $75,000, for costs and other relief as allowed by law as Dougherty and his minor child have suffered mental anguish and emotional distress, anxiety, sleeplessness and loss of enjoyment of life as a result of the negligence and actions of the City and DHS. Similar cases have been filed against the persons named in Dougherty’s cases; many of whom have since stopped practicing law, resigned their positions, or are under threat of grand jury indictment. Since the filing of the tort action, the Court has issued a protective order. Given the allegations of false testimony from numerous public officials, the court took the action to keep Mr. Dougherty from speaking on the matters by issuing the protection order of documents. The protective order on documents is alleged to be an abusive legal move to prevent Dougherty and the public from seeing the files, to be able to report the fraud accurately, to inspect the files for accuracy and suspected fraud by DHS and SPD, and prevents him from effectively protecting his child. The City of Stillwater and the Department of Human Services then created and failed to deliver him information that contained fabricated documents.

Several citizens have claimed that their families were also targeted by the Payne County District Court and police personnel resulting in loss of contact with their minor children and a failure of officials to investigate the physical abuse of children. One group is claiming that forced parental rights terminations and subsequent adoptions have taken place and that several Payne County judges encouraged the violation of rights against U.S. military veterans, taking their children and placing them with members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, against the family’s objections and in violation of the Family First Act of 2018. The law was enacted to protect children from these situations and includes long-overdue historic reforms to help keep children safe with their families and avoid the traumatic experience of entering foster care.

A similar state Petition was filed in Payne County District Court on Friday and a pending future federal suit by former University of Oklahoma football player Gregory Moyer. His current case in the Western District of Oklahoma is being re-filed in Oklahoma City next week (Civil Case 5:21-00087). Moyer has yet to have a custody order ruled upon since 2017 and has had no contact with his children whom he had a strong bonded relationship with prior to state intervention. It has been confirmed that the Payne County Judge has sat on nearly 15 motions filed by the Moyer family without ruling. The former Stillwater standout athlete, now author, claims fraudulent activity and police misconduct in the refiled federal case based on new evidence.

Representatives from advocacy groups met with John Talley and other state representatives throughout July. The families are requesting grand jury investigations and indictments for several cases including the Woolleys’, Dougherty’s, Moyer’s, Alicia Vick’s (now deceased), and five other anonymous families in which forced adoptions were whistleblown by CASA workers and/or volunteers accusing Payne County officials of illegal activities to cover up due process violations, lack of support services to divorcing families, and interference with child abuse investigations.

This is a breaking story and more information is expected to be released throughout the week ahead.

(Writing by Rachel Madison; Editing Robbie Robertson)

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