Defamation Tort Claim Against City Of Stillwater Oklahoma Filed

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Stillwater, Ok August, 15 (The Oklahoma Post) –

The state of Oklahoma’s Open Records Act guarantees that “the people are vested with the inherent right to know and be fully informed about their government,” and of course, the reality on the ground in Oklahoma is that the government doesn’t turn over information without a fight and in fact, they will stifle your rights when they do distribute. According to a local father, this is just one of the numerous instances in which the City has tried to damage him, his children, and his businesses in retaliation for requesting answers about a fraudulent city of Stillwater police report and the redaction process that led to false evidence provided across state lines and to a federal judge.

The resulting effect is that the press, attorneys, parents, and public don’t know how and why their Payne County leaders are making decisions until well after the decision is already made, and the consequences are already realized. Many of the City of Stillwater employees are under fire for violating the civil rights of select citizens. Mr. Joyce attempted to make the situation seem as if persons exercising their civil rights are somehow against our law enforcement officers. When in fact, dishonesty, defamation, and use of government resources to slander citizens without recourse is a topic of question.

In a recent Tort Notice filed with the city of Stillwater, Moyer claimed that the Mayor of the City of Stillwater intentionally attempted to injure Mr. Moyer with social media posts and releases from the official government page (and other venues) in regards to this publication, The Oklahoma Post, publishing the truth about tragic stories of government abuse, and apparently the Mayor doesn’t approve of his filings regarding his personal civil case in Payne County Oklahoma court. These attempts to discredit are in fact attacks against civil rights guaranteed for citizens under the Constitution of the United States. The Stillwater Newspress had historically kept most of the stories critical of the local government and non-profits out of the public view and with limited background information. Moyer claims that Mayor Joyce then blocked Moyer from the official Mayor page, and had his friend Jonathan Udoka, a local attorney and manager of the Stillwater Community Facebook page, block posts from citizens that were critical of the Mayor. The Mayor uses the Stillwater Community Page and other media outlets to share his public addresses with City Of Stillwater citizens.

“The public loses confidence when they think there are secret deals, abuse of office, lying to the public, and giveaways are allegedly taking place, and for the Mayor to attack a citizen involved in his own local family court case and exercising his fundamental rights, well it’s not only wrong, it is illegal. ” Moyer said.

The notice is separate from a larger set of suits by citizens against the city and county that are still being prepared for certification.

(Writing by Rachel Myers; Editing by Robbie Robertson)

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