Oklahoma Secretary Of Education Content Banned From Social Media Platform

Stillwater, Ok July, 27 (The Oklahoma Post)-

Oklahoma secretary of education was shut down this afternoon by tech giant Facebook who according to Ryan, “[Facebook] has higher standards on content for users than Tulsa Public Schools.”

Ironically the posts were removed for violating the Facebook terms of the agreement, while in the act of sharing pornography in text books that Walters has the positioning to rectify in his daily duties.

“Libs of TikTok” Twitter account shared graphic pages from the books “Gender Queer,” and “Flamer,” which depict illustrations of sexual acts. Ryan then shared those posts, protesting the Tulsa public school libraries student reading collection.

Some parents are asking for fired state Attorney General O’Conner to prosecute the employees in charge under state law 21-1040 for distribution of obscene material. TPS would have immunity for sharing the material to Oklahoma children. Under Oklahoma law no parents could file suit against the school in order to remedy the situation.


(Writing by Gregory Moyer; Editing by Robbie Robertson)

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