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Ada, Ok June, 7 (The Oklahoma Post) –

Dr. Mark Sherwood (Republican Party) is running for Governor of Oklahoma. He is on the ballot in the Republican primary on June 28, 2022. The general election will occur on November 8, 2022. It’s important everyone gets out to vote in our primary elections.

If Dr. Mark Sherwood were to win the primary election, Oklahomans would be seated front and center for a general election showdown in November of biblical proportions. Only bedlam football could overshadow the event. If ever readers were punned it is now, as voters on both sides of Oklahoma’s political spectrum will probably see the contest outcome as either a miracle or cataclysmic event. First, though, the candidates must make it through the June primary. Regardless of a candidate’s political or social network affiliations, The Oklahoma Post wants every candidate’s platform to be highlighted in such an important 2022 election; not hidden behind paywalls.

The Things We Know About The Oklahoma GOP Showdown

Currently, the state is quarterbacked by governor Kevin Stitt. Once seen as a center-of-the-road candidate, Stitt veered to the far right just before 2020, and eventually off the road with a tornado of scandals, the boo birds started making their chirps heard. To make things worse, the situations are ones Stitt seems to have created, self-inflicted. To be kind in observations, there were certainly definable moments in which Stitt could have calmed the storms. For example; Burnt butts at Swadley’s BBQ, OAGs abruptly resigning for supporting other agencies a little too much, parents filing civil rights lawsuits for denying parental access, and certainly the recent gun violence that can’t be addressed by local leadership because of his approved Anti-Red Flag Law. It’s a lot for any investigator to keep up with I’m sure.

If Sherwood were allowed a televised debate, it could get ugly. Sherwood is an ex-police communication specialist with anti-corruption on his mind. Seems like low-hanging fruit, should the debates occur.

Stitts relationships with the Tribes are also terrible; the Governer seems to openly prod the sovereign nations, even more so after McGirt v. Oklahoma (2020).

Our lakes and streams we share with the Tribes have limits on fish consumption due to mercury and other chemicals, and our standard should be to have the cleanest rivers and lakes in the nation. The beautiful state of Oklahoma should be our tourism focus, but unfortunately, our natural wonders are not highlighted by our tourism agencies.

Now, through the latest state-imposed abortion procedure laws, many voters interpret Stitt and Co’s stamp of approval as an overreach of state legislation imposed on Oklahomans. There is a possibility that Stitt has lost the trust of a huge block of voters. Those being the very active Oklahoma woman voter and the Native American voter. Relations have been soured by the actions of the current governor and now the Native alliance is being spurred by the administration to enact Tribal legislation regarding abortion, only to create a playing field for further legislation challenging Tribal sovereignty.

For those voters in the center and/or undecided, finding common ground with the candidates is important. Governor Stitt refuses to debate the challenger. That should be clue #1 that Stitt is not interested in the public’s opinion. So, in turning our attention to the competitor, who is a candidate interested in the public’s opinion, we were blessed with the opportunity to interview Dr. Mark Sherwood just in advance of his upcoming string of public town halls.

Mark Sherwood is a good man, he served bravely for citizens for 24 years at the Tulsa Police Department. Mark traveled the world for 10 years with the world-famous Power Team and his own Power Conference providing shows of strength with the main event being altar calls. I personally saw John Jacobs and The Power Team as a kid. He wore the red bandana and was doing some cool, fun, and showy performances that were inspiring. If anything, that’s what I remember thinking at the time.

Sherwood is fit for the office and the ball field. Looks great in a relaxed suit and can speak to anyone as if he cares, as he should; he’s a pro at making us better physically. He is a former Oklahoma state and regional bodybuilding champion, and an ex-professional baseball player. Sherwood’s professional experience includes working as a naturopathic doctor, working alongside Michele L. Neil-Sherwood, Doctor of Osteopathy (DO), who together have a full-time wellness-based medical practice in Tulsa, OK called the Functional Medical Institute. Their goal is to lead people down a pathway of health by eradicating all self-imposed, choice-driven disease conditions by eliminating the usage of unnecessary medications. He earned degrees from Enid Oklahoma’s once esteemed Phillips University in 1987 and Trinity School of Natural Health in 2014. Phillips U. was a competitive private university that has since closed. Many people who had political connections sent their kids to the university, my mother included. Also, Sherwood was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma where the locals say there is a church on every corner; he’s a vocal proponent of Christian values leading to a better community. There is no doubt that man is successful, has core values, and is driven to succeed. There is no doubt that the “religious right” has fervently supported Dr. Sherwood.

We’ve seen the last one-hundred days of Governor Stitt, What do the first one-hundred days of a Governor Sherwood resemble? He’s made promises too. Can he keep them? How does he protect the rights of ALL citizens and keep his base happy? So in researching questions for the candidate, we chose some that matched his platform and dealt with today’s topics, the needs of Oklahoma stakeholders.

Getting To Know The Candidate: A Teaser To A Debate

Robertson: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. I guess the first question is a high and center pitch, tell me where you play baseball? Tell me a little about that side of you?

Candidate Sherwood: I graduated from Berryhill high school and had the opportunity to play for Phillips University in college. We even had a run to the NAIA world series in Idaho back in the 1980s.

Robertson: So What is Dr. Mark Sherwood’s platform? Through my research and personal knowledge online, you have outlined your platform, in no particular order of preference: 1) the feds are out-of-control 2) Biden is an illegitimate president, 3) current governor Stitt, is incompetent or unwilling to address issues 4) the state government, the legislature is self-serving, apathetic, and stepping on the rights of Oklahomans 5) lack of strength on 10th amendment stances 6) abortions on demand must cease 7) relationships with Native American populations must be repaired 8) energy production must return to the state 9) no form of CRT must occur in the schools 10) and mandates for vaccines or masks must never return. Is this still the Top Ten?

Robertson: According to public statements, you want the state to be one in which freedoms are protected so much in which we are seen as the “freest state in the nation”. Many Oklahomans, regard presumed rights to topics ranging from Cannabis and Gun Laws, Okies value personal freedom. So, what does the Most Free State look like to Dr. Mark Sherwood?

Candidate Sherwood:  A free state means being able to actually choose how you live – no mandates, 10th amendment sound, preservation of all rights including the 2nd amendment, and opportunities for anyone to find happiness and success. 

Robertson:  You mentioned CRT today in a town hall event, it seems the discussion of CRT means different things to different people..what’s the issue with CRT in your mind?

Candidate Sherwood: Our classrooms should be a place for learning and not for indoctrination. I believe in one human race. Our children shouldn’t be indoctrinated with racist ideologies that start with good intentions. Our children should be learning skills such as reading, high-level math, writing, communication, how to pay your bills., etc. This seems what our focus should be in a public classroom.

Robertson: You have been noted as loving your state because of the diversity of the people; Oklahoma has a very high self-identification as Native. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that 523,360 Oklahomans are Native American or about 13 percent of Oklahoma’s total population. According to The Oklahoma Native Impact Report, in 2017, the total economic impact made by Oklahoma’s 39 tribes was $12.9 billion. Other interesting stats included; direct employment was about 52,000 jobs, the tribes supported just over 96,000 jobs when considering goods and services purchased, and 60 percent of employees of gaming facilities are not tribal citizens. Those are big numbers, and important, but don’t speak on sovereignty. What is your idea of the most positive outcome of the Oklahoma and Tribal relationship moving forward under your leadership?

Candidate Sherwood: We need communication and cooperation. I have already begun building bridges by meeting with tribal leaders.  When we work together, Oklahoma can be the exemplary State in the Union.

Robertson: What are God-Given Rights as outlined in the law and do you have any personal differences with protecting those rights? For example, I live in a place where God is called several things..but most believe in the Creator and the Holy Spirit. These are Native War veterans who deserve our respect.

Candidate Sherwood: Our rights are given by our Creator. I call him God. Ultimately, these rights are outlined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  We must protect these or our Republic form of government will most likely regress to socialism.

Robertson:  What are some of how you would work to improve Oklahoma’s water quality if elected?

Candidate Sherwood: This issue is critical. We must look at run-off as well as surrounding terrain and foliage. Water is a great resource and the preservation of it, native land, and wildlife are absolute priorities. 

Robertson:  Could you speak on Employee Unions in Oklahoma and their importance for a majority of Oklahomans?

Candidate Sherwood: Having been a police officer, I am very familiar with unions. Their designed function of representing employee rights is beneficial. Preservation of healthy discussions between unions and non-union employees can lead to mutual benefit and respect. 

Reactions To Trending Headlines

Robertson: Thoughts on Abortion and Roe v. Wade revisited? It’s not overturned by the Supreme Court, so would you then work to ensure the Oklahoma Courts use the current prominence of case law to protect women’s personal health?

Candidate Sherwood: Women’s rights are different from unborn child rights. The Constitution protects both. I am solid pro-life for both. 

Robertson: Thoughts on Mental Health and Gun Safety? Expanding background checks in any way?

Candidate Sherwood:  Mental health is at crisis levels.  I think gun owners should properly secure weapons. I also think everyone should be vigilant about dangerous patterns of behavior. While the current violence is completely unacceptable, I do not believe removing guns is the answer. The answer lies with bringing God (or at least a moral code) back into schools, restoring the family unit, and involving the community, law enforcement, and church partnerships.  The heart of man cannot be changed with legislation and removing guns does not remove evil. 

Robertson: What is a big local issue, not related to current national headlines, you are concerned with?

Candidate Sherwood:  The OTA is a mess. We are $1.7B in debt.  We need a moratorium on building new turnpikes, pay off our existing roads, then make them toll-free. 

Two Minute Drill: Fast and First Answers!

Robertson: Favorite College Sports Team?

Candidate Sherwood: College football in general. All the Oklahoma teams, Tulsa Golden Hurricane, the Sooners, and the Pokes of course. All great.

Robertson: Favorite Pro Sports Team?

Candidate Sherwood: We always grew up in this part of the state as Dallas cowboys fans…they haven’t been that good the past few years, but that’s still my team.

Robertson: Favorite Classic Rock or Motown Band?

Candidate Sherwood: You know I grew up listening to Elvis in high school, when he died we got into more like Kansas, REO Speedwagon, that sort of music. My first car was a chevy love pickup and that’s what was probably playing.

Robertson: Favorite Charity?

Candidate Sherwood: Caring for people that are less fortunate and helping do what Jesus has instructed is what we like to do. We give to several groups. We love to give to groups that get out and help people. You know, Make-A-Wish traces its inspiration to Christopher James Greicius in 1980, a 7-year-old boy battling leukemia who wanted to be a police officer. His Phoenix, Az community came together to make his wish come true, creating a movement that helped millions of lives.

Robertson: I appreciate you sitting down with me Mr. Sherwood. I look forward to speaking again and learning more about what your goals and plans are if elected. Best of luck.

For anyone wanting to learn more about Dr. Mark Sherwood’s campaign, you can reach him through the links on the infobox at the top of this article.

(Writing by Robbie Robertson; Editing by Robbie Robertson)

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