State Department Briefing On Russian War Crimes

Photo Credit: U.S. State Department
Washington, DC April, 13 (The Oklahoma Post) –

The U.S. State Department today held a briefing in regards to Russian war crimes during their invasion of Ukraine. Preliminary findings today led the State Department to believe there are reasons to believe Putin committed War crimes and Ned Price assured the public there are mechanisms in place to ensure accountability.

“on the part of Russia’s forces in Ukraine we made the determination the assessment I should say that Russia’s forces have committed war crimes that is a high threshold”

– State Department Spokesperson Ned Price

The President wants to put a spotlight on the atrocities that are taking place in Ukraine. The State Department was hesitant in declaring a genocide but stated that what we are seeing is being investigated through an international process to determine if what is being done actually meets that legal threshold of genocide. The State Department stated that the President was basing his previous comments on the horrific atrocities that we’ve all seen in Mariuple, Ukraine.

(Writing by Rachel Meyer; Editing by Robbie Robertson)

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