Woolley Family Holds A Call To Action On October 15th, Asks For Public Support

Wagoner, Ok September, 30 (The Oklahoma Post)-

Friends, family and supporters of Clayton, 

We are messaging to inform you of a very important event coming up Saturday, October 15th, 2022 at the Wagoner County Courthouse at 10 AM. 

WE NEED YOU TO JOIN US!  We will be inviting the media to capture our plea as state leaders, family, and friends demand to know WHY?  WHY are prisoners, convicted and incarcerated for crimes granted visitation rights to their children? Yet, in CLAYTON’s case where all charges have been dismissed FAMILY MEMBERS including those who were never accused of crimes are forbidden visitation rights, depriving Clayton of his family and friends. 

How long will the magistrates of Wagoner and Adair Counties ignore Clayton’s pleas to see and be with his mother and family who dearly love him, and who he dearly loves and is bonded to? 

WHAT must be done in order to bring CLAYTON home to his family ? 

WHY have Judge Brown, District Judge Kirkley, and DHS neglected to protect CLAYTON when his neighbors have reported that he is locked up all day, continually tries to run away and says he wants to kill himself rather than go back to his foster placement?

Friends and family, we as CLAYTON’S family will never stop fighting for him! 

We know that CLAYTON represents so many other children who have been kidnapped and held for ransom by the Oklahoma DHS. We know the feeling of pleading with the local law enforcement to protect your rights and family all to simply be ignored and disregarded. We know the feeling of contacting your elected officials who swore an oath to protect our constitutional rights and later being ignored and unwilling to take phone calls and answer emails. We know what it’s like to feel all alone and helpless, but this doesn’t even come close to what CLAYTON must be feeling everyday he has been away from his family. 

Therefore we know, we can no longer wait on “those in charge to help us” in the mission to RESCUE CLAYTON. It must be a movement of WE THE PEOPLE who relentlessly put pressure on those responsible. Therefore, we need your help. Here are two ways you can help the Rescue Clayton Campaign:

1. PLEASE MAKE PLANS TO JOIN US SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15th at 10 AM at the Wagoner County Courthouse and bring as many people with you as you can!

2. PRAYERFULLY CONSIDER DONATING $25+ (if possible consider donating monthly for one year) to the RESCUE CLAYTON CAMPAIGN, which will help fund the cost of fighting for Clayton, getting this message out farther across Oklahoma and America, as well fund the cost of laying the groundwork for the legal assistance we desperately need!

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If you would like more details regarding the story please visit RescueClayton.com.

(Writing by Ekklesia of Ok; Editing by Robbie Robertson)

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